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Kill The Noise Drops Crazy Dolphin Noise Collab With Dillon Francis [VIDEO]

Kill The Noise is about to break the internet with a video that has surfaced from his performance at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois this past weekend. The New York producer dropped his new collaboration with EDM funny man Dillon Francis called "Dolphin On Wheels." And yes, the song is as crazy as it sounds...

Before dropping the track made with dolphin noises, Kill The Noise, real name Jake Stanczak, retorted a friendly message saying, "dolphins are our friends, don't forget that." Stanczack premiered the track live back in March, previously calling it "Meowski 666" as the track also featured meow's and dog barks.

It's safe to say that neither of the producers would call it a sophisticated piece of music per se and would likely agree it's a little out there (to say the least), but the construction is commendable nonetheless. I'm just going to quote TrapStyle's response because I found it most appropriate: "It's just for kicks. Let producers be experimental and have fun."

UPDATE: It's been confirmed by Stanczak himself as well as his management that "Dolphin On Wheels" will appear on his debut album. After watching the video, check out his first single from the forthcoming debut album, "Kill It 4 The Kids" featuring Rock City and AWOLNATION below.

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