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Star Wars Meets EDM As Chewbacca Gets His Very Own Remix

"Star Wars" just collided with the world of EDM thanks to a remix called "Chewie Tune" from Eclectic Method, a track that re-purposes the esteemed Wookie's signature groans and growls into Melbourne bounce-styled leads accompanied by a pounding house beat.

Running just a minute and a half long, "Chewie Tune" mashes up the "Star Wars" character's iconic sound design into glitched up, rhythmic sounds commonly found in EDM, while other dialogue samples from the films serve as the occasional vocal break.

The result is a ridiculous homage to the long running sci-fi series, landing somewhere between hilarious and surprisingly danceable.

Check out "Chewie Tune" and download it on Soundcloud below...

[H/T: MovieWeb]

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