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Kill The Noise Clears The Air Over 'Dolphin on Wheels' Plagiarism Controversy

Kill The Noise and Dillon Francis made waves recently after their crazy dolphin collab began to spread around the EDM blogosphere. Their track has garnered some controversy, due to some extreme similarities to a track produced by X&G titled "XII." Kill The Noise, real name Jake Stanczak, took to twitter to comment on the issue.

Both tracks feature raucous use of dolphin samples interspersed rhythmically between driving beats, creating a spastic frenzy of sound. The drops sound particularly similar, utilizing what sounds like a carbon copy of the same samples.

In the comments section on X&G's Soundcloud, Stanczak explained that he squashed the beef with X&G, who had no desire to hide the fact that they took a hefty dose of inspiration from "Dolphin On Wheels." In a comment, Stanczak cleared the air over any accusations of plagarisim.

"so basically not gonna get in a huge argument over some dolphin samples but this guy hit me on twitter admitting he borrowed the idea from us, not a big deal. i was really upset by people assuming that we copied someone. he had heard our song in a clip i posted online a few months ago. we're not mad, and i appreciate the honestly on where he got the idea from. cheers guys"

You can compare the two tracks for yourself below...

"Dolphin On Wheels" will be featured on Kill The Noise's debut studio album Occult Classic, due out October 9.

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