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Porter Robinson Releases First Worlds Album Remix From Mat Zo

Porter Robinson took to Twitter today to announce that Mat Zo's remix of "Flicker" has been released for streaming on Soundcloud. The Worlds producer described Mat Zo's take on the track as "one of the best remixes i've ever gotten in my life."

The remix is the first taste we've gotten of the Worlds Remixed companion album to Robinson's 2014 LP, which was announced earlier this month.

Zo keeps the familiar melodies from the original, but enhances them with punchier drums and a new array of sounds that punctuate Robinson's riffs. Mid-way through, Zo drops the energy for a melodic breakdown that will put you in a trance.

The new "Flicker" remix has us pumped up for the releases of Worlds Remixed, due out early next month.

Listen to Mat Zo's "Flicker" remix below:

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