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Skrillex Teams Up With Big Boi & Phantogram On New Album 'Big Grams'

Electronic rock duo Phantogram and rapper Big Boi are teaming up on a new seven-track EP titled Big Grams, due out September 25 via Epic. The EP is set to feature major collabs with Run The Jewels and EDM demi-god Skrillex.

The Skrillex collab, titled "Drum Machine" will close out the seven track set, although nothing is known about the nature of the track at this point. Talking about the nature of the collaboration, Phantogram explained in an interview with Pitchfork why they wanted to release an EP with Big Boi.

"The idea of the project was to do something fun and to not be stressed out about releasing an album that's going to be, that's gotta sound like this, or it has to be like that, because sometimes that happens with Phantogram, or other artists can have the same problem. We took it lighter. We told ourselves this is going to be a fun project and we can just throw out there and see what happens, see if people are vibing on it and if it gets some attention, or if it doesn't and it's all good, we wanted to do it anyway."


1. Run For Your Life
2. Lights On
3. Fell In The Sun
4. Put It On Her
5. Goldmine Junkie
6. Born To Shine (featuring Run The Jewels)
7. Drum Machine (featuring Skrillex)

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