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These Uber Riders Are Pissed, Despite Warnings

Despite warnings from Uber about surging on New Year's Eve, riders are taking to the internet today with their sky-high surge rates and insanely steep charges. Check out some of the customer reactions collected by BuzzFeed.

Uber responded to surge protests on their website with the following statement.

"Surge pricing shouldn’t be a surprise... Let’s toast to you running a fare estimate in the app before you ride. To avoid the highest fares, head to the festivities early or catch a ride right after midnight."

But several customers are not just pissed about the concept of surging but other related issues. Customers reported problems such as drivers canceling on them until rates increased while others complained about agreeing to a particular surge rate but then getting charged with a higher one.

The company reported that 60 percent of U.S. customers didn't experience any surging. The 40 percent that did were paying anywhere from three times to 10 times more than usual.

An Uber Spokesman, however, responded to the flood of complaints by explaining that surging ensures there are enough drivers and that every customer can find a driver quickly and get home safely.

The debate continues online as several are siding with Uber.

Source: BuzzFeed

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