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Drawing Mushrooms With Sound Waves [Video]

You might not think you could use sound waves to draw images - but YouTuber Jerobeam Fenderson will prove you wrong.

In this video, he uses a variety of sound waves to draw images - swirling, dancing mushrooms - on an oscilloscope. He explains the process on his blog:

Two channels from my audio interface (left and right) go into the oscilloscope, which operates in X/Y mode, also called lissajous mode. One channel causes horizontal deflection, the other one vertical deflection of the cathode ray.

If you didn't quite grasp that, you're not alone. Rather than bore you with a technical explanation, we'd rather just show you the video.

If you do want to dive deeper into understanding exactly what he's doing, and all the exciting possibilities for taking it further, head over to Create Digital Music's in depth article on his project:


Here's another video of his work, that he calls oscilloscope/lissajous music.

Image: EskiPaper.com

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