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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Artists That Are Dominating EDM's Next Big Frontier

India's thriving EDM scene traces back to the 1980s, originating with a trance movement in the city of Goa. Since then, it has adopted and built upon a broadened spectrum of club-driven sounds that now rivals many of its European and American counterparts.

Thanks to festivals such as Enchanted Valley Carnival in Aamby Valley (check out the artist reveal), many of the India's biggest talents have been placed in the spotlight for the world to see, and they represent an evolved music scene that promises to become an influential market for the global movement.

With thousands of artists building a name for themselves in the country's local scene, there's also a growing number of DJs and producers that are garnering their fans from all over the world. We've collected a small portion of these influential acts, but to truly get a grasp of what the country has to offer, we suggest you go there yourself and experience it firsthand.

Check out 10 artists that are dominating the EDM circuit in India:


Hometown: New Delhi
Genres: Progressive and electro house
Notable Releases: "Tum Hi Ho", "Get Lucky" (DJ NYK Remix)"

2. Nucleya

Hometown: Ahmedabad
Genre: House, trap, experimental, midtempo
Notable Releases: Bass Rani, Koocha Monster,

3. Shaan

Hometown: Mumbai
Genres: Progressive and electro house
Notable Releases: "Hooya" & "Let Love Go (Shaan Remix)" on Armada Records, "See You Again (Shaan Remix)"

4. Zaeden

Hometown: Gurgaon
Genres: Progressive & future house
Notable Releases: Collab with Borgeous on "Yesterday"

5. Lost Stories

Hometown: Mumbai
Genres: Progressive, electro, future, and deep house
Notable Releases: "False Promises" on Black Hole Recordings, Music for the # Generation on Universal Records India

6. Nanok

Hometown: Mumbai
Genres: Future bass, disco, deep house
Notable Releases: Death by Shoelaces, Fever EP

7. Sound Avtar

Hometown: Mumbai
Genres: Dubstep
Notable Releases: Superhero EP, Under the Light EP

8. Arjun Vagale

Hometown: New Delhi
Genres: Techno, tech house, experimental
Notable Releases: Are You There EP, One Shot EP

9. Progressive Brothers

Hometown: New Delhi
Genres: Progressive and electro house
Notable Releases: "Beautiful World (Progressive Brothers Bootleg)", "The Hum (Progressive Brothers Remix)"

10. Kerano

Hometown: New Delhi
Genres: Progressive and electro house
Notable Releases: "Here I Stand" with Tom Swoon

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