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Brand New Skrillex is Everything We Loved About Old Skrillex

Skrillex is always changing things up, and the past couple of years have seen him broaden the scope of his creative output more than ever. Between collaborating with Diplo on Jack U, producing tunes for Justin Bieber, and releasing one of his most pensive, chill tunes to date (Stranger remix), his sound has never been more diverse. But as he has experimented with new and different sounds, some fans have been left wondering if he would come back to the roots of the style that launched him into stardom

His "Red Lips" remix, released back in November, along with his just released remix of Torro Torro's track "Make a Move" should quiet any fears that we had seen the last of the raging dubstep that first made us fans. "Make a Move" in particular brings back fond memories of his early tunes. Though there are major differences when you compare the remix to the style that characterized "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites", the essence of those classic tunes is back in full force. Once again, he has taken the style of dubstep and evolved it into something fierce, unique, and innovative - while still recalling some of his signature touches.

The sound design is again the centerpiece of his sound, bringing an array of perfectly crafted snarls and squelches, chopped up and sequenced into a complex but driving rhythm. When "Scary Monsters" came out, most fans had never heard sound design like that - unless they followed Noisia and their neurofunk peers. Now, thanks in large part to Skrillex himself, dance music fans have become accustomed to crazy bass sound design. And yet even in the crowded modern field of sound design wizardry, the bass sounds of "Make a Move" manage to stand out. And no classic Skrillex dubstep tune would be complete without a vocal sample filling the silence right before the drop - in this case a sample from Torro Torro's original, pitched, bitcrushed, and distorted to sound more like a Decepticon than a human.

So no, working on Jack U and producing for Bieber haven't made Skrillex lose his edge for brutal, intense dubstep. If anything, his "Make a Move" and "Red Lips" remixes show that his edge is sharper than ever.

Image: MusicTimes

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