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Disney Has Its Own LED Mouse Head - MickeyPhon [VIDEO]

When Joel Zimmerman went to trademark his deadmau5 logo back in September 2014, Disney slapped a trademark lawsuit on him for the resemblance it bears to Mickey Mouse. After nine months of deliberating, the two finally came to a settlement and while the terms were not disclosed, Joel announced in June of 2015 that he would be able to continue using his mau5head logo.

Interestingly enough, Disney announced just a few days ago that it has been working on its own high-tech mouse head: MickeyPhon. The mass media and entertainment empire teamed up with Polish art and design company panGenerator to create "an interactive audiovisual kinetic sculpture, inspired by Mickey Mouse, created for Disney."

The MickeyPhon has LED visualizer technology and responds to sounds by rotating towards the source and then sampling the sounds into rhythmic patterns. Disney hasn't quite explained its intentions with the MickeyPhon, but you can see the kinetic AV Mickey sculpture in action in the promo video below.

While some may be inclined to assume this is another Disney shot fired at Joel Zimmerman, it is not clear based on the unknown terms of their settlement. Just looking at the MickeyPhon, it's hard to imagine the concept and design was not influenced by the mau5head.

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