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Seeing Skrillex's 09 MySpace Page is Amazing: He's Come a Long Way

Skrillex's old MySpace page has been archived and is available for viewing as it appeared before it was abandoned sometime around August 2009.

The archive.org link takes you to what used to be his MySpace profile, which was created in June 30, 2009 and shows a last login date of August 14, 2009. Showing 1509 friends, the profile has the following "about" description:

I made this site to differentiate between the dance music I make and my band. Enjoy ^-^


What's particularly cool about the archived site is the group of flyers from shows in 2009, with Skrillex opening for some artists most of us have never heard of (and some we've all definitely heard of).

So if you are an aspiring DJ or producer, feeling like your career isn't quite where you wish it was, this should be inspiring. It wasn't long after this that Skrillex was on tour as direct support for Deadmau5 and releasing Scary Monsters... and of course we all know the rest of the story.

Check out the full archived page here:


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