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EDM.com Spotlight

With an EDM Ban in L.A. Still Possible, Ravers Are Asked to Get Involved

After multiple drug-related deaths at EDM events this past summer in and around Los Angeles, County Supervisor Hilda Solis proposed a motion that would ban EDM events on county-owned property. The board then approved the formation of an Electronic Music Task Force in August 2015.

Since then, there have been six Task Force meetings during which police officials and subcommittees worked hard to come up with "recommendations for enforceable health and safety measures and procedures that would be required for all electronic music festivals on county-owned property."

One organization that participated in each meeting to represent the EDM community was the Electronic Music Alliance or EMA, founded by Janine Jordan (Executive Director), Ken Jordan (of The Crystal Method) and nearly 150 members ranging from the likes of festival producers such as Disco Donnie to publicists, agents, production mangers, entertainment directors, go-go dancers, music artists, dedicated fans, and network non-profits.

Several community members came together to come up with recommendations that the Board of Supervisors would find proficient enough to avoid a short-term or permanent ban on EDM events: Janine, producer of MDMA the Movie and founder of Dancesafe Emanuel Sferios, Missi Wooldrige of Dancesafe, Dina Perrone Ph.D. of CSULB Criminal Justice, Mark Lawrence of AFEM, Joseph Petitt of SSDP, Alyxander Bear from Insomniac, and other members of the local dance music community such as Give A Beat, Simon Lamb, LA Dancesafe, The Cruz Coalition, Allan Gelbard and Safer Raving by Amy Raves.

EMA also called on multiple EMA network lawyers to consult whether a ban on EDM events would be a violation on First Amendments rights and whether it would conflict with promoter contracts for upcoming events.

The final recommendations have been submitted, and we are now currently awaiting the final decision of the Board of Supervisors. According to an insider - it is a complete tossup.

There is a 50/50 chance that the board will not side with the recommendations and rather decide to pass a short-term or permanent ban on EDM events.

This is not the first time legislation against dance music has been considered and/or passed (the 2002 RAVE Act and the 2011 Fiona Ma's Anti-Rave Act) and this will not be the last. That's why Janine - a former raver herself - is calling on the dance music community in Los Angeles and beyond to come together and encourage each other to be politically informed and to register to vote and participate in local elections.

In this instance, just like in previous ones, the LA County Board of Supervisors assumes dance music fans will not know or care or do anything if a ban is passed. Sadly, they realize that younger demographics are the hardest ones to get to the polls, especially for local elections such as the ones that elect Supervisors.

That's why this Friday, Janine, Emanuel Sferios of MDMA the Movie and Joseph Petitt of CSULB SSDP are holding a Politics of Dancing call-in meeting this friday at 10:30am PST.

ATTENTION LOS ANGELES AREA RAVERS: This is your chance to get involved and make sure your right to rave is not taken away!

RSVP to the Facebook event in order to receive notifications about the meeting here: https://www.facebook.com/events/957063207695074/

The Politics of Dancing THIS Friday 10:30am PST

Join a call with Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) Executive Director Janine Jordan, Emanuel Sferios producer of MDMA the Movie and founder of Dancesafe, as well as Joseph Petitt of CSULB SSDP to:

1) Find out about the LA Electronic Music Task Force Proceedings -why drug policy and Amending the Rave Act are so important.

2) Learn about the upcoming decision to keep Electronic Music Events in L.A. and what you can do.

3) Learn how you can get involved via local neighborhood politics, on campus, or independently to ensure a vibrant future for our electronic music community and culture.

Janine has served the last two years on the Board of Directors for Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council and highly recommends that all dance music aficionados that would like to be real avatars for our electronic music community in Los Angeles run for the upcoming elections. Last day to apply to run is February 7th, 2016. http://empowerla.org/elections/

ACCESS CODE: 852124#

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