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EDM.com Spotlight

Producer Troll Creates Epic Country-Meets-EDM Remix of Sarah Palin/Donald Trump

When the once-Alaskan-governor Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump in a speech earlier this week, we weren't sure if she was trying to gather support or just remind people that she is still alive and as remarkably ignorant as she's ever been. With outlandish phrases such as "Community Officer In Chief" and "drill, baby, drill" being dropped in her deliverance, and it was safe to assume once she finished her speech that the public ridicule would be in full form in the days to follow.

What we didn't expect to come from the "peanut gallery" was a troll-powered musical rendition of her mindless ramblings, expertly tuned to the sounds of a country-meets-EDM soundtrack. New York-based producer Tronovitch is the musical genius behind the masterpiece we see and hear below, and as ridiculous as it sounds, it's actually quite catchy.

Check out the Sarah Palin x Donald Trump Speech (Country EDM Remix) below:

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