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Watch Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Try to Prove They're Real DJs

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have faced their share of controversy, especially since winning the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll in 2015.

They've been accused of faking DJ sets, using ghost producers, and cheating to win the DJ Mag poll. In an effort to silence some of this criticism, they recently played a short set of vinyl at Bringing the Madness in Antwerp, Belgium. Or, rather Dimitri Vegas played a short vinyl set. Like Mike just talked on the mic, and did general hype-man duties.

Does this silence the haters? Not in my book. Playing just over 10 minutes of vinyl, at all roughly the same tempo, all 4 on the floor, doesn't prove much of anything. Any musically inclined person could learn this kind of simple 10 minute vinyl set with a few days of practice - even without any prior experience as a DJ. There was nothing remotely impressive about the mixing, transitions, or technique. If anything, this stunt makes Like Mike look particularly bad, as he is apparently not even able to show this bare minimum of skill. If they had busted out a DJ Craze style scratch routine, or if they did a Deadmau5 style Twitch stream and showed themselves actually making music in the studio, they would have proven something. But this little display does exactly nothing to bolster their credibility IMO.

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