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Wiz Khalifa's DJ Career as 'DJ Daddy Kat' is Taking Off [VIDEO]

Wiz Khalifa starting posting about his "DJ Daddy Kat" last spring. DJ Daddy Kat is the name under which the hip hop superstar is now performing as a DJ. After his first gigs back in the spring of 2015, he appeared in a couple of tabloid articles exposing the exorbitant fees for which you can book Wiz Khalifa (and Lil Wayne) for a private party, but it was still uncertain at that time just how serious this DJ side project would be.

As DJ Daddy Kat, Wiz appeared at SXSW, Art Basel and even played on Halloween and New Year's Day. In a recent interview with Vegas Seven, Wiz revealed that he has developed a real passion for DJing and is booking more and more gigs. Wiz currently has eight DJ shows on the books, including multiple dates at the renowned Las Vegas nightclub Tao.

"I started doing blends and putting it on Soundcloud. I wanted to try to figure out a name I could use where people could search but it wouldn’t really come up. I just landed on Daddy Kat as something that sounded fun, interesting and mysterious, but still felt like me. Eventually, I just kept messing with it—kept practicing, kept DJing, started booking gigs—then realized, 'OK, this isn’t just an Internet thing. This is a real passion of mine, rocking crowds and doing the DJ thing.' I ran with the name, and I feel like it gives me just a little bit different edge to perform under that name, rather than have people just look at it as a Wiz project."

While it's hard to find videos that really showcase his full range of DJ skills, Ty Dolla $ign vouched for them in an interview over the summer with DJ Smallz Eyes.

"Wiz's DJing skills are incredible. He's actually called DJ Daddy Kat. He kills it. Every party we went to, they go up.... We both DJ actually, so he'll give me songs, I'll give him songs. DJing is the shit."

Fans of the rapper - who don't already know - will be pumped to learn that he uses his DJ Daddy Kat gigs as an opportunity to premiere brand new, unheard Wiz Khalifa music.

"Yeah, I usually do my newer songs, the stuff people don’t normally hear in the clubs. I feel like it would get a good reaction out of people, so I play it," he told Vegas Seven.

Just hours ago, Wiz revealed the cover art, tracklist and release date for his upcoming album Khalifa. The album is scheduled to drop on February 5th and will include the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J, Travi$ Scott, Sebsatian and more.

Cover photo via Las Vegas Informer

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