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EDM.com Spotlight

5 EDM Jobs to Forever Rid You of FOMO

If electronic music is already a large part of your life, maybe - just maybe - it could be more than a passion. Maybe, it could be a living. With the music industry ever-changing and the electronic sector ever-growing, there's an increasing demand for ambitious, pioneering minds.

If the idea of empowering artists and propelling the dance music community forward sounds like something that would get you firing on all cylinders, you could very well be an invaluable team member for an exciting and forward-thinking music company. It's not always about experience and connections; companies that really want to innovate look for individuals who are bright, eager, enthusiastic and equipped with great ideas and a great work ethic.

To open your mind up to the possibilities, here are five jobs in the electronic dance music industry that could put you on the career path of your dreams.

1. Graphic Design Ninja
aka Design Coordinator

Conceptualizing is where you love to start and delivering sharp, eye-catching designs with a message is where you really shine. Photoshop and Illustrator are like home. You take pride in your work and ability to listen and communicate. Deadlines motivate you, and at the end of the day - you find design as not only an outlet for creativity but a way to connect artists and fans and enhance experiences in an industry you love.

2. Label Hotshot
aka Record Label Assistant

You understand that releasing music is an art in itself. Paperwork, administrative operations and organizational systems don't scare you; in fact, you find dotting the i's and crossing the t's gratifying. You look forward to regularly speaking and working with artists directly. Pitching in with the coordination of creative assets and social media initiatives is a pleasure. You're favorite part is getting the opportunity to report back to artists with stellar results after a hard day's work.

3. Marketing Wizard
aka Marketing Coordinator

You thrive in team settings. You love working with others to not only come up with innovative ideas but to execute them in the most effective way possible. To you, marketing is not just about selling but building compelling campaigns that tell stories and resonate with target audiences. And in that case, writing strong press releases is a skill you are always honing. You see analytics reports as an opportunity to fine-tune how your team works and help spot ways to better achieve goals.

4. Journalist Jedi
aka Staff Writer

You love having your finger on the pulse and being the first to know. Writing is where you find your flow, and maintaining an entertaining yet clear and informative writing voice is something you actively think about. You crave the chase for a good story. For you, researching, investigating, informing or sparking a dialogue can be a thrill. Or, maybe you thrive on the opportunity to respond, comment and share opinions. Either way, you always want to keep the meaningful conversation going.

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5. A&R Ace
aka A&R Agent

Finding an amazing new track or a promising artist is what fuels your music consumption. Digging around SoundCloud, Mixcloud, 8tracks and other platforms is a hobby verging on obsession. You love sharing music, and your friends come to you for music recommendations. You take the process of making playlists very seriously.

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