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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch this Producer and Pro Skydiver Dance in Midair to His Own Music

Guillaume Boileau is a professional skydiving instructor, but also makes electronic music.

Combining these two talents, into one of the most impressive displays of skill we've ever seen, he dances to his music in an indoor skydiving windtunnel. This video, from the 2016 Wind Games, will blow your mind.

This is another view of the same performance, with a bit better audio quality for the music.

In a recent feature in Skydive Magazine, he had this to say of this music-making and performance:

I play piano, but mostly the keyboard because this is the only instrument I have at my place. I'm a pretty good musician, plus I love to create my own beats with applications I have on my electronic tablet. So this is made for me. Here is where I'm at now. I would love to create my own free fly routine, in synch with the MUSIC I CREATED. This is such an exciting project for me, and I am 100% confident this is something I'll be very proud of, and who knows, that might be a success for me.

Here's another of his performances:

Hey Red Bull - if you see this, you should work with this guy!

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