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EDM.com Spotlight

This Producer Made a Whole Album Using a Gameboy [LISTEN]

This isn't something you hear every day. A Seattle-based chiptune producer who goes by the name of Graz dropped an album called Ravepunk via the Tokyo label Cheapbeats. The album was produced (er programmed) using a Game Boy on a metro bus during his hour-long daily commutes to work.

"All songs produced between November 2014 and September 2015 primarily on public transportation. All sounds (excluding track 03) created using LSDJ on a Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01."

How exactly? Graz turned a Game Boy into a DIY portable audio workstation with a tracker-style production format through handwritten software, assembly language and hex code, as Dance Music Northwest put it after interviewing the producer. Pretty impressive, right?

Mad props to both Graz for using his commutes to create something cool instead of stare at a phone and to illustrator Gullacassu for creating the dope album art. Stream the album below, and if you're feeling it - snag a digital ($6) or physical copy ($10) on Bandcamp.

H/T Dance Music Northwest

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