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EDM.com Spotlight

Rebel Radio Ep. 32: Phil Quartararo - What I Learned Working For Richard Branson, U2, and Linkin Park

Refusing to Give Up, and Proving the Haters Wrong - A Rebel's Story

Phil Q is a music marketing legend. He’s helped break some of the world’s biggest acts, from U2 to the Spice Girls, Linkin Park, Josh Groban. He’s run both independent and major labels — Virgin, Warner Bros., EMI.

But listen to our interview and you’ll learn he’s also the definition of a hustler. The story at the beginning about how he got started will take care of that. His career has been a study in refusing to give up, in trying to prove the haters wrong.

He’s also an outspoken critic of the old school music industry and towards the end of our talk, he outlines what they should have done differently and what he’s doing now to get it right.

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