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EDM Events That Restrict Free Expression Are Betraying Our Culture

EDM culture is about nothing if not freedom to express yourself. New, innovative styles of dance, homemade accessories, and crazy outfits have always been hallmarks of rave culture, going hand in hand with the values of PLUR. When events choose to restrict harmless, well intentioned forms of expression, they are betraying the heart of dance music culture.

Gloving is a style of dance and expression that has exploded in popularity over the last few years in the EDM community. While it started at raves, it has now become a movement unto itself, spawning meetups and competitions, and invading mainstream pop culture. And it has expanded beyond simply an art form, being used as therapy for people with disabilities. Yet in spite of this growing popularity and acceptance into the wider culture, numerous dance music events and festivals have chosen to restrict or outright ban it.

There are certainly those EDM fans who don't appreciate or understand gloving, often based on unfair stereotypes linking gloving to drug use. But this isn't really a question of personal preference. Rather, it is a question of whether dance music culture embraces freedom of expression, or restricts certain types of expression based on arbitrary opinions, false assumptions, or stereotypes.

Gloving is not a crime. It is art, dance, expression, therapy, communication, unity. Events that ban it are going against the core values of dance music culture.

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