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Obama Signs Act Protecting and Emphasizing Music and Arts

Obama last month signed the "Every Student Succeeds Act" which helps to restore emphasis on music and arts programs. The new legislation provides funding for music and arts programs and prioritizing them in curriculums, making music and arts a recommended core subject.

As Beatport points out, "It is the first time in US history that the arts have received this type of a standalone listing, meaning that Every Student Succeeds puts as much value on art as it does on traditional core subjects, which as anyone who struggled through calculus but dominated the student choir will tell you, is just common sense."

For nearly ten years, George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind Act weighed testing more than curriculum and put power over educational services with the government rather than each state. With Obama's act, the state will be able to distribute funding and individual programs can also apply for funding.

Read more and find out how to apply for funding: http://www.nafme.org/take-action/elementary-and-se...

Sources: Thump, Beatport

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