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Twitter Considers New Feature with Expanded Character Limit

The internet went into a frenzy yesterday when media website Re/Code reported that Twitter is considering expanding the character limit to 10,000. Later that day, The Wall Street Journal confirmed the news and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a screenshot of text discussing the potential benefits of a feature that allows users to expand the character limit.

The character limit as of now is still 140, but the company is considering a new feature that would allow expanded tweets - potentially up to 10,000, which is the character limit for direct messaging.

While the company is still in the exploration phase of this feature, Dorsey promises to tell developers "well in advance" if they decide to implement it and also assures users that "the majority of tweets will always be short and sweet and conversational."

While some users are responding with hysteria over the thought of essay-long tweets, Gizmodo responded with the calming thought that "even if there is some strange new 10,000-word option, there’s a good chance it will be hidden behind a link so as not to adulterate Twitter as we know it.”

Sources: Re/Code, WSJ, Gizmodo

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