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EDM.com Spotlight

From Mija's Wish for 2016 to a Letter from Diplo & DJ Snake's Influences

We have two inspiring artist moments to share with you tonight....

In a recent interview with Beatport, Los Angeles producer Mija shared an admirable wish for the dance music community in 2016. When asked what she'd like to see this year in the music game, her response was centered around togetherness - starting with music media.

"I think I wanna see more of the blogs and [publications] support the good aspects of music, versus condoning the negative pieces, just to get clickbait. I feel like that’s been a big thing between all the different websites. At the end of the day, we’re all in it for the same reasons, because we all love dance music. We all wanna build this community. People are constantly fighting against each other and making other people look bad just for their own repertoire. I’d like to see people come together. Be more friendly and hang on to each other."

Excuse me while I take off my news writer hat to respond as a fellow fan and lover of electronic music. Mija's wish is a beautiful reminder that the only way we're going to inspire more creativity, innovation and positive change is if we work together as a community. While dance music celebrates individualism and encourages self-expression, each and every one of us is constantly representing the community as a whole. So whether we're working or attending a show or even just interacting online - let's push each other forward to push the community forward.

In other news, Major Lazer and DJ Snake's "Lean On (feat. )" hit one billion views on YouTube, making it the 14th music video in history and only the second dance music video to achieve this status. Reflecting on the accomplishment, Diplo shared the inspiring story of how the video was made independently without a major label.

"...we did it independently, the first indie music video to actually hit this accomplishment. We are feeling like the rebel alliance against the death star of pop youtube. One love."

Read Diplo's full post below...

After DJ Snake was chosen as a member of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Music Class of 2016, he shared some of his biggest influences and the musician he most looks up to.

"Who’s your dream mentor?

My dream mentor would be Jay Z. He is someone I feel I could relate to as he came from a poverty stricken area like I did. He made the best out of the hand he was dealt and built an empire from the ground up. Most importantly he inspires the youth to strive for success.

Who’s your single biggest influence?

In addition to Jay Z, Daft Punk really inspired me and showed me that a kid from France could succeed in the music industry."

Read the full interview with Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/natalierobehmed/2016/0...

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