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10 Slipmats to Brighten Up Your Turntables


Are your turntables looking a little bland? Check out this list of affordable turntable slipmats compiled by Stamp the Wax.

This article originally appeared on Stamp the Wax

No set of turntables are complete without a pair of slipmats to brighten them up. We’ve scoured the net to pick out our ten favorites.

Victoria Topping’s Once Upon A Time in Japan slipmats// £25

Victoria Topping’s passion for music is clear to see in her art, having made bespoke wallpapers, hand painted murals, done interior design for a record shop and club and created the artwork for several festivals. One of the cheapest pieces of her art you can own (that isn’t sold out) are these new limited edition slipmats, borrowing the design she made for Brawther and Alixkun’s excellent Japanese house compilation.

Keith Haring’s Larry Levan slipmats // £14.99

Keith Haring is one of America’s most celebrated 20th century artists, whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s by expressing concepts of birth, death, sexuality, and war. His artwork became intrinsically linked to the Paradise Garage in New York where he was a promoter, and like many of the Paradise Garage patrons he suffered from AIDS, a disease that led to his death in 1990. His Paradise Garage connection lives on with these slipmats featuring a Haring drawing of NYC legend Larry Levan.

The Cork Branch’s Mandala slipmats // £17.91

Cork slipmats are great for audio fidelity and also look slick on your turntable. They’re not great for DJing but are perfect for audiophiles looking for an aesthetically pleasing finish to their setup. A selection of laser etched patterns are available from Etsy, with our favourite being the mandala pattern.


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