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Human’s Wireless Headphones Might Be the Wildest Cans Yet


These might be some of the most high-tech wireless headphones that have yet to be introduced to the market. From their design to their functionality, Human's headphones are turning heads and scoring enormous amounts of funding. Find out why these could change the headphone industry as we know it.

This article originally appeared on WIRED

Human's Sound headphones really aren't headphones, the way you know them.HUMAN INC.

CALLING THE HUMAN Sound headphones “headphones” doesn’t capture just how odd they are. They don’t burrow into your ear, or strap over your head like you’re a fighter pilot. They look like earmuffs, each one wrapping your ears in a soft embrace. Actually, they look like ears. Human says all headphones should look like ears. Whose ears, I’m not sure, but one thing is sure: wireless headphones are about to get very experimental.

Fundamentally, the Sounds are headphones. Wireless headphones, coming to Indiegogo today and (maybe) your ears early next year. They’re $170 if you pre-order today, $200 if you pre-order at all, and $400 at retail. Put the two sides together (magnets connect them) and they become a tiny wireless speaker. Or pull them apart, stick them on your ears, and never take them off. The battery lasts 12 hours, Human says, and charges wirelessly. The entire surface of each muff is touch-sensitive, the idea being that you’ll control your phone or music from your ears. It’s all meant to be … natural...

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