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Zac Brown Reveals Diplo & Skrillex-Influenced Dance-Pop Project Sir Rosevelt: Interview


It seems Skrillex and Diplo aka Jack Ü are leaving their mark on country music. In a new Billboard interview, country superstar Zac Brown revealed a new project that was inspired by dance music and EDM stars like Jack Ü. Check out the full interview to see what he said about Skrillex and Diplo as well as the new dance music-inspired project.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

Andy Sapp
Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band photographed in 2014.

"I’m sick of being in a bucket."

Country star Zac Brown dropped a surprise on fans this morning: three tracks by new project Sir Rosevelt, a trio featuring with Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti that combines southern pop with dance grooves.

Partly inspired by watching artists like Jack U, the dance music super pairing that unites Skrillex and Diplo, Brown says he has found an outlet to explore styles and sounds that go beyond the roots foundation that multi-platinum Zac Brown Band -- which, he reassures, isn't going anywhere and in fact has a new album on the way -- is known for.

In his first interview on Sir Rosevelt, Brown explains the origins of the trio, how the band fits into his musical pantheon and why he is excited to stretch beyond the country bucket...

... Read the full interview at billboard.com

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