EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Listen to Noisia Take Over OWSLA Radio in Special 2-Hour Guest Mix

For the 19th episode of OWSLA Radio on Beats 1, which aired on Saturday, October 8th, Skrillex welcomed none other than Noisia. The legendary Dutch trio and sound design pioneers are known for their innovative and groundbreaking drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat and house music, not to mention their forward-thinking visual concepts and cinematic live performances. They also happen to be one of Skrillex's biggest inspirations.

For their debut on OWLA Radio, Noisia was invited to take over with a special 2-hour guest mix, during which they played cuts from their newest album Outer Edges.

Skrillex explained their importance in an interview with NEST HQ ahead of the episode.

"...They’re so artful. EDM is very lifestyle [driven], very fun music. But they’re pure art. If you look at their aesthetic and their imagery and their sound and music, it’s just pure art. But it’s mixed so well. The sound design and the songs, it takes you into its own world. It transports you... They think about what they have to say and they say it in every song. Without words. It’s not randomness. It’s calculated... none of it is arbitrary. None of it is for no reason. It all makes sense..."

Read the full interview with Skrillex at nesthq.com, and then check out the tracklisting and listen to the full episode of OWLSA Radio featuring a 2-hour guest mix from Noisia below.


Noisia - The Approach
Noisia - Get Deaded
Noisia - Mantra
Former - Sympathy Mutant
Noisia - Exavolt
Richie Brains - Tantrum
Tekel - Invocation
Shades - Cryptic
NickBee - Sounds Of War
Noisia & Ivy Lab - Possession
Misanthrop - Minimalinski
The Upbeats ft. Mara TK - Say Go
Noisia & Mono/Poly - The Nomad
Posij - Grab The Cookie
Noisia - Collider
Icicle - Differentia
Disprove & Signal - Vanguard
FFFELIX - Major Key
The Upbeats - Dungeon
Active - Topi
Tsuruda - Slippin
Kije & Jay Mythix - Perebor
Noisia - Voodoo
Posij - Hunger
Noisia - Tentacles
Noisia - Sinkhole
Annix - Contraband
Signs - Diesel
Sofie Letitre - Not Helping
Ivy Lab - Spooky Dub
NickBee - Glow
Current Value - Impact
Monuman - Rise
Tsuruda - Zac's Demise
Getter - Sick Jet Pack Bro
Hybris - Don't Touch My Face
Icarus - Ride This Train (Ivy Lab 20/20 Remix)
SpectraSoul - AKA Yoob
Mefjus - Continuous (VIP)
Machinedrum - Take Flight (FVLCRVM Remix)
Moody Good - Satoshi Nakamoto
Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit
Alix Perez - Hack & Slash
Break - Who Got Da Funk
The Upbeats & Ivy Lab - Pharaoh
Sofie Letitre - Perfect Mistake (ZES Remix)
Autumn Keys - Pretending You Care