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Chainsmokers: How Hard-Partying EDM Dudes Conquered the Mainstream


The Chainsmokers... a duo that does not need an introduction. Releasing hit after hit, these two are moving past EDM to conquer the pop world for mainstream domination. Hear stories from their wild journey stepping into the global spotlight, starting with their experience hitting the studio with Coldplay's Chris Martin.

This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone

Alex Pall had a date planned with his girlfriend the other night, but he got stuck in the studio jamming with Chris Martin, so he had to stand her up. It's not the kind of thing Pall does often, he says, because he likes to make music in the daylight hours, clocking out before sundown. "I treat it like a job," he says. "I've had rappers be like, 'Let's meet up at 10 p.m.' And I'm like, 'Uh, no!' I can't understand that way of working." But on this one night, hunkered down with Martin in Malibu, "like, a $300 UberX ride from my place in Hollywood," Pall made an exception, because the Coldplay frontman "wanted to start after he put his kids to bed" – and, well, because it was Martin and Coldplay are "the fucking greatest, dude."

So the Chainsmokers cooked up what Pall says was "one of the dopest songs we've ever written" – and he even managed to smooth things over with his girlfriend, thanks to Martin, who serenaded her on Pall's smartphone, blaming himself for the scheduling mishap. "When Alex and I got into the car afterward," says Pall's partner, Drew Taggart, "we were freaking out, like, 'Whaaaa?!'"

The Chainsmokers have had lots of "Whaaaa?!" moments recently. They are the country's hottest pop duo, scoring three singles in the Top 10 this year; their biggest hit – currently perched at Number One for six weeks and counting – is the lovelorn "Closer," a duet between Taggart and Halsey...

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