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Why we should turn the Houses of Parliament into a nightclub, by dance music writer Sean Griffiths


Deputy editor of Mixmag, Sean Griffiths, writes a cheeky proposal in response to the disrepair of The Palace of Westminster. He takes the opportunity to make a point about UK's underlying opposition to dance music.

This article originally appeared on Time Out

One of the greatest things about London is, perversely, also its biggest problem: everything is here. From the media to the government to cultural institutions, Europe’s biggest financial sector and the royal family (when they’re not off shooting things in Scotland), this city is stacked with power. Now, sure, that helps make it one of the planet’s most appealing places to live. But it’s also one of the reasons why a pint of lemon-infused craft ale is going to cost you at least a tenner very, very soon and why, at my current rate of saving, I’m not going to be eligible for a mortgage until 2063.

As former US president John Adams (or possibly David Brent) once said: ‘Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.’ And a crumbling Victorian pile could be offering London the mother of all opportunities.

At a point in time when British politics feels as stable as a horse balancing on a beach ball, the building that houses its main players is falling to pieces too. The Palace of Westminster is in desperate need of repair. Initially it was hoped that the expensive refit could go on while MPs remained in Parliament, but a taskforce saddled with assessing the damage has suggested that this could take more than 30 years to complete and has advised that both houses move out for six years instead...

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