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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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Devin Culham

10 Times DJs Expressed Their Struggled On Twitter [WATCH]

We've all have our struggles, and DJs are certainly no different! We compiled some of our favorite 'DJ complaints' by artists like Zedd, Deadmau5, Cookie Monsta, and more to showcase some diva complaints, to the downright strange and hilarious struggles that we can all relate to.

Except for Getter. Sorry man, can't say we relate to that at all!

If you can't get enough of hilarious DJ complaints, check out this feature that we published in September of 2014 for more great sob stories about private jets, life on the road, and bad food!

Do you like our videos? Head over to to check out our full video feature library for more great content like this!

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