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Dubstep 2016: 5 Next-Gen Artists Killing It Right Now…


Dubstep has changed a lot since its inception in the early have of the noughties. Authority of all things bass - UKF - gives their preview of the Top 5 next generation dubstep artists to watch for 2016.

This article originally appeared on UKF

2016: A year that will go down as a future vintage for all strands of bass music.

Especially dubstep, a genre that’s cheerily returned to its zero-f**ks-given attitude it was founded on. Creativity is high, cynicism is low. The mixdown war isn’t quite so loud as it has been as the scene’s protagonists old and new search for both innovation, freshness and that original vibes foundation we’ve been missing for a while.

The perfect time, then, to celebrate the new league of talent who’ve dominated the last 12 months. The next generation to fly the dubstep flag and push it into new directions. Say hello to Krimer, MurDa, PhaseOne, Phiso, and Stabby.

Gradually positioning themselves at the forefront of the bass music movement, these fellas are absolutely ready to let their abilities shine through at the highest level. You can take our advice now, or tell us we’re right later, it doesn’t make a difference. Dubstep is about to go places it’s never gone before, and you can thank these lads for that.

Get to know Dubstep’s Next Generation…


Meet Simon, A.K.A Montreal-based producer, skater, and until he quit to fully pro on the music, crane operator Krimer.

His passion for dubstep was love at first sight when he first heard Oskillatah by Skream. As his collection developed with the likes of Benga, Borgore, Coki, Rusko, Funtcase, Datsik and loads more, his eagerness to produce continued to grow. His journey began in late 2013 and has since seen him release on the most notable labels in the game: Disciple, Firepower, and Never Say Die.

Which three original songs would you recommend to a first-time listener?


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