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Amazon’s Music Service Launches With a Secret Weapon: Alexa


WIRED's Tim Moynihan gives readers the breakdown on Amazon's new Music Unlimited streaming, which launched October 12. Moynihan explains the edge Amazon hopes to hold over Goliaths Spotify and Apple in order to attract consumers with not only lower prices but its voice-assistant products.

This article originally appeared on WIRED

ALEXA CAN ALREADY order you an Uber, control your smart home devices, and keep you company. She’s about to learn much better DJ skills, save you six bucks a month on streaming music, and possibly even change the way you listen to music in your house.

Amazon Music Unlimited, a beefed-up subscription service built to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, launches today. It’s cheaper than those big-name services—for many users, at least—and it features clever voice control with the company’s Echo speakers.

If you’re using Music Unlimited on an Amazon Echo, Tap, or Dot, the service only costs $4 a month...

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