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How Building a Festival Community Can Increase Fan Loyalty


How can festivals build fan loyalty? Ticketing platform Event Brite says that the way to increase attendance is to focus importance on community,

This article originally appeared on Event Brite

For your most valuable fans, music festivals are about more than the music. They’re also about being part of a community of like-minded fans.

New data shows just how important the fan loyalty of these communities can be. More than three quarters of hardcore festival fans — who attend five to six festivals a year — say they gain a feeling of community at music festivals. And since just one of these hardcore fans spends more on festivals than four average fans combined, you want to make sure they keep coming back.

So, how can you earn your fans’ loyalty? Nearly half of these fans say they very strongly value this community experience. Given their outsized impact on your bottom line, catering to this desire for community is well worth the extra effort. Here’s what you need to know to build a community your fans will flock to:

Who are these ‘hardcore’ festival fans?

They’re very loyal. 41% say they’re likely to go to the same music festival over and over again, and they put their money where their mouth is. On average, these fans have been to their favorite music festival three times — with a third of them having been five or more times.

They’re also more likely than casual fans to base their decision to attend at least in part on who is producing or promoting the festival. So if you can win their love, you can win their loyalty, too.

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