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Jake Schneider: Bassnectar’s Booking Agent on Management, Identity, and Hustle


Pariah Reign sits down with Jake Schneider of Madison House and booking agent for none other than Bassnectar. Learn all about Schneider and his hustle in this in-depth interview that covers everything from how to manage acts successfully to the lessons dance music can learn from rock n' roll forerunners.

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It’s not every day that you get to talk to Bassnectar’s booking agent. We sat down with Jake Schneider, an employee-gone-executive at the artist management and booking agency, Madison House. In an industry where some people seem to be a single-sided sheet of paper, Jake is a multifaceted gem of knowledge and intrigue. We go all over the place in this interview, and cover areas like:

  • Why “sleep when I’m dead” is a lie
  • The book Jake recommends to top-tier artist clients
  • Successful (and unsuccessful) artist self-management habits
  • What dance music can learn from it’s rock-and-roll forerunners
  • Why non-work activities are important for self-health (plus Jake’s hobbies and collections)
  • And so much more.

Enjoy the chat with Jake Schneider.

Introducing Jake Schneider

Pariah Reign: In one sentence, describe who you are and what you do.

Jake Schneider (“JS”): The name is Jake Schneider, and I am a Partner, Booking Agent, and the Director of Agency Development at Madison House, a full service music booking agency and artist management company.

PR: Place us where you were when you first started at Madison House. What were you doing? What’s the story of you climbing the ranks from employee to partner?

JS: I actually didn’t start the company by any means. Nadia Prescher and Mike Luba (two people I consider mentors and inspirations) birthed Madison House in Athens, Georgia in 1996...

... Read the full interview at pariahreign.com/jake-schneider.

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