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Booka Shade Celebrates a Decade of 'Movements' With World Tour, Deluxe LPs: 'It Just Exploded'


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their iconic Movements album, Booka Shade is releasing a limited edition deluxe 2-LP vinyl and setting out on a special world tour through Europe, North America, and Australia. In honor of this momentous release and tour, industry authority Kat Bein spoke with the German house duo. See what the producers had to say as they reminisced about the making and release of Movements 10 years ago and what they are planning for the tour.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

Michael Kohls
Booka Shade

If you could peek 12 years back through the mists of time, you'd find Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger, two pop producers by day, plastered with goofy grins as they danced away the hours in a 300-capacity club in Frankfurt, Germany. It was called Monza. The resident DJ was one DJ T, and the guys who just started to call themselves Booka Shade would head there every night they could.

"This was our living room so to speak,” Kammermeier says. “All we wanted to do was create music that could be played in this small discotheque."

When the work day was finished, the pair would turn away from the daily grind and create something different, something totally their own...

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