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EDM.com Spotlight

Alesso & Jolin Tsai Talk New Collab & Working with Local Talent [WATCH]

In a panel moderated by Billboard's Head of Asia Jonathan Serbin at the 2016 IMS Asia-Pacific, international superstar DJ Alesso and mega Asian pop star Jolin Tsai announced their new collaboration and discussed the expanding presence of EDM in Asia.

Since 1999, Jolin Tsai has risen the ranks to become one of the top recording artists in Asia, releasing 13 albums and selling over 25 million units. When Alesso decided he wanted to work with an Asian artist, there was no question that Jolin would be the perfect collaborator.

To kick off the panel, Alesso and Jolin Tsai discussed their new collaboration "I Wanna Know" including how it came about and what the recording process was like.

They went on to talk about EDM in general and the increasing importance of collaborations and crossovers to continue to infiltrate Asian markets and bolster local music scenes.

The unexpected collaboration and resulting panel are a great reminder of the inclusive global community that EDM inspires and the power this music has to bring people and cultures together.

Watch the full panel and then listen to "I Wanna Know," which Alesso and Jolin Tsai debuted together live the day after the panel at STORM Festival.

Then, check out Alesso's remix of Jolin Tsai's "Play," which was Alesso's first remix of a song in another language.