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EDM.com Spotlight

Claude VonStroke Drops the Alias on Barclay Crenshaw's "Sleepy Kids"

Barclay Crenshaw has made an impressive contribution to dance music, having recently been voted America's #1 DJ under the stage name Claude VonStroke.

But like any talented artist with a diverse taste in music, Crenshaw has now formed a new side project that highlights his taste in slow, hip-hop jams.

The Dirtybird label boss's new project is described on on Soundcloud as "metaphysical slow jams", Crenshaw's latest track "Sleepy Kids" fuels those soulful hip-hop vibes. Prior to his release of "Sleepy Kids", Barclay Crenshaw tracks had been exclusive to sets performed at events like the Dirtybird Campout.

What do you think about Barclay's new direction?