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How California DJ SNBRN made Sunset House music catch fire


Mike Mettler sits down with California producer SNBRN ahead of his Groove Cruise Cabo performance. They discuss everything from how SNBRN, real name Kevin Chapman, got into music to how he created his signature sound and what gear and plug-ins he uses.

This article originally appeared on Digital Trends

I try to evoke tons of emotion with my music. I think that the melody is the most important thing for sunset house.

House music has enough different subgenres to fill an entire area code’s real estate. But Los Angeles DJ SNBRN really hit on something fresh in 2015 when he came up with what’s now known as sunset house — the blending of real instruments like piano, strings, and horns with synths and samples to create the duskiest of sonic vibes.

“I came up with the whole sunset house thing a few years back, and the time of day plays a huge part into it,” SNBRN confirmed to Digital Trends. “I like to think of it as the last set before it gets dark — that transition into night.” (Good point — whenever it’s referred to as merely “sun house,” we think of somebody sampling the old-school 20th-century blues artist.)

SNBRN nailed that signature sound right out of the box with Raindrops, his splashy collaboration with Kerli, and soon followed it with California and Leave the World Behind, not to mention the tough streetwise strut of Gangsta Walk, featuring Nate Dogg...

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