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EDM.com Spotlight

deadmau5 is Working on an Official Drum & Bass Remix for Noisia [LISTEN]

In a recent studio session streamed to his Twitch channel, deadmau5 welcomed fans into the production process for a new track that has fans buzzing. The Canadian producer is dabbling in drum and bass... for an official Noisia remix, no less.

YourEDM captured a screenshot of a commenter on Twitch who pointed out the production's similarities to Noisia's "Collider," from the trio's new LP Outer Edges. deadmau5 responded, confirming it to be an official remix for Noisia.

This will be the first time we've seen deadmau5 cross productions with the legendary drum and bass group since Noisia's 2011 remix of deadmau5's iconic song "Raise Your Weapon."

Check out a taste of deadmau5's take on "Collider" below, and tell us what you think in the comments.