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Watch the New CVNT5 Mockumentary Exposing DJ Mag's Corruption [WATCH]

Gareth Emery is back with another mockumentary starring fictional DJ frauds CVNT5, this time exposing the corruption behind DJ Mag's controversial Top 100 DJs list.

Gareth Emery plays Brandon Bass and Ashley Wallbridge plays Chad Chisel, and together they are CVNT5. The first time we met CVNT5, we saw the two money-hungry, party-lovers launch their DJ Career using their mom's credit card to hire the ghost producer used by the stars. They quickly jack the spotlight from deserving DJs, and we see them reveling in the lavish lifestyle of fame and fortune.

In this follow-up, we watch as CVNT5 schemes to take the title of World's #1 DJ on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list. Before we know it, they are in Vietnam running a fake voting operation like a click farm.

No doubt referencing the controversial promotion tactics of last year's #1 DJ winners Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, this mockumentary must be watched to the end.

Let's just say that things don't end too well for marshmello...

H/T Stoney Roads