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Grammy Nominee Jax Jones Talks Finding Dance Music And His Love Of Sliders


Meet Jax Jones, Duke Dumont collaborator and 2015 Grammy nominee. Jones is preparing to release an album featuring a collaboration with pop royalty Selena Gomez. In this interview with Huff Post writer and musician Sean Bradford, Jax Jones discusses his journey from hip hop to dance music and the UK scene, where he says "heavier drop stuff doesn’t really work."

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post

Jax Jones is a funny dude. Not “let me tell you a joke” funny, more “I talk in witty banter because that’s just how I live my life” kind of funny. He also happens to be a very good musician, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. And last year he scored Grammy and Brit Award nominations for his collab with Duke Dumont, “I Got U.”

A native of South London, Jones is on the rise, with a forthcoming album, and brush with the mainstream (Selena Gomez is a rumored feature on a track called “This is Real”). His understanding of both old school house and modern production give him a genuine vibe that just makes the dance floor come alive. Maybe this is why the original mix of his recent single “House Work,” stands out above the many remixes that were made...

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