A foundation in the Netherlands called 10,000 HOURS is harnessing the power of the peace, love, unity and respect found at dance music shows and festivals to make a real difference in the world. The organization helps dance music fans find ways to donate their time to volunteer work that can impact the lives of those in need. Find out more and see how you can get involved in the article published by Global Citizen.

Anyone who’s been to a music festival knows the feeling of euphoria and unity that sweeps through the crowd. Unfortunately, this sense of positivity often evaporates as soon as you leave the festival gates.

But 10,000 HOURS, a foundation based in the Netherlands, believes the power of the dance floor can be a force for good. Launched six years ago, just after the recession hit, the organisation works with music festivals and world-class DJs to connect music fans with voluntary projects that can make a difference, hour by hour.

“There’s a powerful feeling of unity at music festivals,” says co-founder of 10,000 HOURS, Nienke Basslé, who is a die-hard music lover. “We wanted to get this feeling and share it with the vulnerable people around us...

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