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Richie Hawtin Partners With Pioneer DJ To Get Artists Paid

The distribution of artist royalties has never been a very simple process. While registered artists are distributed royalties whenever one of their works is played in public, on the radio, or on TV – in the setting of nightclubs, it can be particularly difficult to submit the correct track list from each performance.

Richie Hawtin, one of the leading figures of minimal techno and music technology has teamed up with Pioneer DJ to launch Get Played Get Paid. Through the use of Hawtin's own RADR app - which ID tracks from Traktor users and generates a unique Twitter handle - has now integrated with Pioneer's KUVO to catalogue track metadata in real time.

In an interview about the new partnership between RADR and KUVO, Richie Hawtin speaks about the large number of electronic artists artists who aren't receiving the royalties that they deserve.

In its current form, the distribution of royalties is being given based on what clubs and DJs "think" is being played. DJ's have to opportunity to submit a performance report that includes the track lists to distribute royalties to artists and labels. However, this method is not widely used by artists. Due to the sheer number of tracks performed in a single evening and the number of gigs played in a year, the number of royalties that are properly being distributed is not representative of what is actually being played.

The plan to integrate KUVO and RADR has been in the works since 2014. Both Hawtin's RADR and Pioneer DJ are working closely with Association for Electronic Music to ensure that artists receive the royalties they deserve.

H/T: Resident Advisor

Cover photo courtesy of Roberto Castano