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What makes a great dance music live show in 2016?


In this in-depth Red Bull story, Jack Tregoning explores the different ways electronic artists are seeking to awe audiences during live performances in 2016. Spanning dance music history's most iconic stages and pioneering and groundbreaking live performances, Tregoning wonders whether, as technology only advances, how electronic artists will keep the human element alive through innovative ideas.

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Octave One live in Bristol © Entirety Labs

On a Monday night back in early September, a throng of New Yorkers waited for the doors to open at Madison Square Garden. The occasion was Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour, and most of the early arrivals had shelled out for standing room floor tickets. Usually at arena shows, the first diehards allowed inside get the best spot up front, nearest the onstage action. Kanye West, however, hadn't planned your standard-issue arena show.

For any fans who'd somehow ignored the internet since the Saint Pablo tour kicked off, the Madison Square Garden set-up would've come as a curveball. As doors opened and most 'Ye disciples made for the merch stands to spend up big (apparently breaking The Pope's sales record in the process), the arena itself was enveloped in eerie, disorienting drone sounds. There was also no "stage" to speak of, with the crowd milling around intently under a scaffolding of lights. When the man of the hour finally emerged from the darkness, he did so on a platform that hovered over the arena floor, inciting all present to lose their shit...

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