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EDM.com Spotlight

This is for All the DJs that Know How to Read a Room [WATCH]

In this new episode of Zero to Sixty, Senior editor Devin Culham talks about the difficulties involved in getting an audience engaged and what happens when a DJ doesn't.

Despite the picture that some stereotypes like to paint, dance music fans aren't just "flopping drug-fueled flesh bags... we are out there and we are listening."

DJ Mag released the results for its 2016 Top 100 DJs poll today, and fans were certainly curious to see who topped the list after last year's rather controversial results.

A great amount of ink was spilled this time last year when Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike took the #1 slot after several reports pointed to questionable promotional tactics.

At this point, it's widely understood that the poll is more of a popularity contest and less of an accurate reflection of credibility and talent.

So instead of taking out more time to talk about the Top 100 poll, we want to talk about one of the skills that makes a great DJ... knowing how to read a room.

What are your thoughts on DJs being able to read a room? Who are some DJs you've seen do it well?