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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis on Top 100 DJs: "What is this list telling me?"

DJ Mag announced its 2016 results for the Top 100 DJs poll at Amsterdam Dance Event yesterday.

Well, Dillon Francis has some questions... several of them.

"Is it for best producer, is it for what you've achieved throughout the year or are you actually the best DJ?"

In a characteristically funny video, Dillon tries to understand the Top 100 DJs. He runs through all the potential criteria that would determine what the list actually means.

It can't be best producer, he says, becasue Daft punk just worked with The Weeknd, and they are only #72. It can't be for what you've achieved because in November 2015, "Lean On" was named the most streamed song on Spotify of all time, and Major Lazer is only #44. And it can't be for best DJ because Craze and A-Trak aren't even on the list.

So the only other option, naturally, would be that it's a popularity contest, but to this point Dillon says...

"Then who the fuck are half of these people that I've never heard of in my entire life?"

Maybe it's a cooking list and Nicky Romero makes great borscht, Dillon doesn't know.

"To sum this up, I think we all just want to understand what this list means because no one knows. No one. Not even the people on it."

If you need more Dillon, check out his new music video for his latest single "Anywhere" featuring Will Heard.

Cover photo via facebook.com/dillonfrancismusic