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Meet the Renegade DJ Crew Who Helped Bring Rave Culture to the West Coast


THUMP's David Garber gives us a history of the pioneering British DJ crew that went by the name of Wicked and adventured to San Francisco in 1991 with their acid house in tow. Hear about their underground pre-Burning Man parties and more in the full article.

This article originally appeared on THUMP

If you reside on the West Coast of the United States, you may not know it, but you owe your beloved clubs nights and festival sensory overloads—at least in part—to a renegade crew of British DJs by the name of Wicked. Following the Second Summer of Love in 1989—a wild time in which a few other Brits (Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, and the like) absconded to Ibiza and returned to spark an acid house-fueled hedonistic rave movement across the UK—another group of pals who DJed under the names of Jenö, Thomas, Markie, and Garth made a similar pilgrimage. In 1991, the crew behind Wicked moved from their England residences all the way to San Francisco, in search of adventure.

The Wicked crew quickly latched onto the psychedelic energy that had been brewed in San Francisco since the days of tie-dye tees. Coupling the acid house styles they imported over from England with the freewheeling rock and disco native to the City by the Bay, they began throwing notoriously "anything-goes" illegal parties on the shores of San Francisco's Baker Beach, where a few years prior a little party called Burning Man was born...

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