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EDM.com Spotlight

These Smart Ping Pong Paddles Let You Remix Music as You Play [WATCH]

Ping Pong FM is a musical game for table tennis lovers. Smart paddles allow you to actually remix music as you play.

"Usually music listening experiences are strictly about being as true to an original recording as possible. But why can’t listening to a record be as playful and interactive as a live performance?" Mark Wheeler, one of the creators, said in the press releases.

Choose a tune from the jukebox-style collection of songs, serve it up and then try to beat match or have a little fun remixing as you control the song with each swing and hit of your paddle. Faster songs will make for more of a challenge, and when you hit the ball off the table, the music stops.

The musical table tennis game was designed with contact microphones, Arduino products, player ID technology and a computer that runs the game app.

The quirky project was created by innovative-thinkers and designers Mark Wheeler, Christopher Arzt, Alaa Mendili, Camille Durand, Kevin Bleich, Demetre Arges, Paul Williamson, Graham Bullis, Catherine Schultz, Brandon Hilliard, Les Hilliard and Tyler Coray.

"We’re looking for a partner to help us bring Ping Pong FM to fun events or a more permanent venue. If you’re that person, or you would like to find out more about Ping Pong FM, send us an email and say hello." (PingPong.FM)

Cover photo via PingPong.FM
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