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Tycho on Hitting No. 1 with Surprise 'Epoch' Album & Learning to Let Go


After dropping his third full-length album Epoch unannounced, Tycho has garnered a lot of critical success. According to founder Scott Hansen, EDM has had a role to play in his new found audience.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

When Tycho released Epoch, an album of genial, panoramic, wordless rock, at the end of September, it sped to No. 1 on the Billboard Electronic/Dance Albums chart.

This may have surprised no one more than Tycho founder/brainchild Scott Hansen. "I make instrumental music," he tells Billboard over the phone from San Francisco. "I never expected any of this."

Although Epoch has little in common with the big-tent electronic music near it on the chart — The Chainsmokers' Bouquet or DJ Snake's Encore — Hansen suggests the success of those artists and their predecessors in part cleared the way for Epoch's No. 1 debut. "EDM has trained a new generation of listeners' ears to accept a much broader range of what equals a song," he explains. "EDM has become top 40 stuff: those sounds, those styles, those ways of thinking about song structure — even thinking that vocals aren't necessarily the central element — those ideas have made their way into popular culture. That helps bands like us find their way in."


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