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Armin's 'This is What It Feels Like' Gets a Dark Techno Remix [LISTEN]

I have a theory, that a day's work can be accomplished in half the time as long as one has access to a strong cup of black coffee and steady flow of dark techno.

Today, I urge you to challenge your Monday productivity levels by checking out this recent dark techno remix of Armin van Buuren's "This is What It Feels Like".

American DJ and producer Matt Lange gives the the trance-dance classic a complete overhaul with this darker vision. Limiting the track's vocals for deeper bass lines, driving snares, and atmospheric synth lines make this once pop-friendly track suitable for an industrial sized warehouse.

Matt Lange has been gaining steady notoreity for his moody beats after he was signed to Deadmau5's Mau5trap recordings. Lange's official Armin remix was released through Armada Music earlier this month

Check out the track above and tell us your thoughts in the comments! Did a little techno and a caffeine boost help your power through your Monday?

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